Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am Fairy

My three year old has just finished her first term of kinder ballet dance.  We looove it!  Of course, Ishi loves it too! She's done some of the steps at home to practice and I am as usual astounded to see those tiny feet do the tricks!  I can't imagine how lovely she'd be on the dance day...

However, when that final day comes where parents can watch their dance, the kids got naughtier! Hehe  One girl had even asked Ms. Kylie if they could just do Hide and Seek instead of doing the fairy flying stuff!  I couldn't count how many times these kids have fallen down on the floor.  The floor must be too slippery or the "follow the leader" game must be more fun...what a good way to  impress the parents!

Overall, Ishi tried her best to impress the whole family and she's an Ace!  Here are some of the photos:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Biggest Loser Family

Everyone in the family is now addicted to ZUMBA!  And, guess who's the latest victim of the trend? =D
This dynamic fitness exercise is becoming so popular because you'll sweat like hell, have a great time partying, and even learn some Latin dance moves...Try this at home too it's sooo much fun!

P.S. thanks to Ken for giving us this copy of Zumba...of course, we love it!!

Our Growing Family!

I guess we need to teach our daughter now to sleep in a separate room, or might have as well a cot of her own as we are getting too crowded in our bed! Once upon a time she was still our baby, BUT now, she's having her own bubs and she's living it the way, the same way as ours.  Just this morning she cried when she found out her babies were not in the bed.  Oh, is it what they call maternal instinct? Hell ya, good thing they are not real as this is going to freak me out right now!  

This is one of the many differences a western and Filipino cultures has but, personally I am more comfortable to sleep beside her not only because we don't have a spare room but she can't sleep on her own when she was still a bub.  As much as I want to teach her independence, I thought it's just too early?  And, I can't sleep well too! Hehe Believe me, we tried the western way a million times but my baby is just sooo attached to me.  I thought she liked having my scent near her.  LOL! Anyway, I believe she will outgrow it naturally at the right time.  

Honestly, I can't remember sleeping in with my parents.  We're three siblings but I know my parents did the same thing with us but we still managed to sleep on our own when we were growing up...At the end of the day, babies are different with different needs and every mother knows her own baby like no other.  So, it's up to us mums what is best for our bubs!