Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am Fairy

My three year old has just finished her first term of kinder ballet dance.  We looove it!  Of course, Ishi loves it too! She's done some of the steps at home to practice and I am as usual astounded to see those tiny feet do the tricks!  I can't imagine how lovely she'd be on the dance day...

However, when that final day comes where parents can watch their dance, the kids got naughtier! Hehe  One girl had even asked Ms. Kylie if they could just do Hide and Seek instead of doing the fairy flying stuff!  I couldn't count how many times these kids have fallen down on the floor.  The floor must be too slippery or the "follow the leader" game must be more fun...what a good way to  impress the parents!

Overall, Ishi tried her best to impress the whole family and she's an Ace!  Here are some of the photos:


  1. wow!galing galing naman ni ishi...amazed si lula..very attentive..talagang willing matuto...klap klap klap...

  2. galing talga ni pokengkeng! kaya lng si teacher nastress nung last day dahil ang gugulo nila..hehehe